• ZengineeredTM for Comfort – Introducing the unique world of the Panasonic massage chair

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About the history of Panasonic massage chairs

The worldwide renown Panasonic Corporation produces a wide range of products from household equipment to consumer electronics. The first Panasonic massage chair arrived in 1969. During the last 50 years, they have been developing the technology with the aim of creating a more human-like massage experience to give their consumers the opportunity to enjoy total relaxation.

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Engineers at Panasonic have been working together with professional massage therapists to create the technology which they call Real Pro Ultra. With the help of this technology, massage chairs can detect the changes in muscle tightness and increase or decrease the intensity of the massage related to this. It is also able to precisely scan your body and create a virtual map of your back so as to adapt the massage rollers directly to the spine. The maximum customizable massage feels like the human touch and also reproduces the movements of a professional massage therapist.

  • Heated massage rollers

  • Human-like massage

  • Precise body scanning

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Panasonic’s vision

Panasonic’s aim is to provide the experience of a massage salon . They believe that one can achieve a zen-like state using their products. Hence why they created the term “Zengineered” which refers to the technology that moulds modern technologies with ancient holistic methods.

During the design process of the Panasonic massage chair, they paid particular attention to the unique elements of ancient Japanese culture as well as to meditation methods.

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Experience genuine relaxation in a Panasonic massage chair!

Right after you sit in a Panasonic massage chair, the relaxation journey begins. At first, the built-in body scanning sensors analyse your body and defines the acupressure points and those of your tight, aching areas. It only takes a minute then, according to the results, the technology of the massage chair sets up the ideal solution for you.