• Comtek Professional 4D

Experience a new level of comfort while sitting in a Comtek massage chair!

Zero Gravity position at the push of a button

The Zero Gravity position, which was originally used by astronauts during a launch, offers the highest level of relaxation by placing the body into its most neutral and less stressful position. With the help of the Comtek massage chair you can enjoy the relaxing feeling and the excellent benefits of this position in your own home!

Elegant, space-saving design

Thanks to the design of Comtek massage chairs, you only need to leave 5-10 cm distance from a wall; so it can also be used in a small space. The exclusive leather design is completed with diamond-shaped stitching, so the massage chair will not only be a place of relaxation but also an elegant decoration in your home.

Special massage function to loosen up tight and exhausted legs

The Comtek massage chair offers you a special massage function that kneads your legs and feet. You can totally customize the leg massage by adjusting the leg space settings. Try out this innovative two-direction massage function and relax your feet after a long day sitting or standing! You can even maximize your comfort with the incorporated thermo therapy.

Technical background

Voice controlYes, for programs change
Remote pockedYes
Timers5/10/15/20/25/30 minute
Upright size160 x 82 x 127 cm
Reclined size190 x 82 x 92 cm
Forward sliding30 cm
Net weight159 kg
Shoulder airbagsYes
Back airbagsYes
Waist airbagsYes
Seat airbagsYes
Arm airbagsYes
Calf airbagsYes

Order the Comtek massage chair!

1.499.000 HUF