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About Osaki

The Osaki brand is part of Titan World LLC which is one of the market-leading companies which design and sell massage chairs, foot massagers, fitness machines etc. Their products are widely known in Europe and also in Asia and in the United States.

TITAN’s philosophy

The essential aim of the company is to help people to relax their body, and therefore live a more active life. Enabling this philosophy, they keep prices low whilst producing high quality products for their customers. Whether it’s about selling these products or maintaining them, they are always seeking the complete satisfaction of the purchasers.

The unique world of Osaki massage chairs

Although the name Osaki appears to be a Japanese company, they are actually a Texas-based company and the Osaki massage chairs are produced in China. The reason of it is cost-efficiency. However, they work with the best manufacturers to ensure the products are top quality and meet every expectation.

  • Zero Gravity Massage Chair

  • Wide range of massage programmes and styles

  • Innovative air massage and roller massage

Get to know with Osaki massage chairs!

Reliable proficiency and designing that meet every need

As Osaki is part of the TITAN World company, which make products in several areas of healthcare and lifestyle, they have a deep and extensive knowledge in this field. Osaki massage chairs are highly recommended in cases of back or lower-back pain and for those whose legs are exhausted through standing during work.

Try out the Osaki massage chair which have an outstanding quality-price-ratio

Buying a massage chair can be a serious investment. Although, if you regularly go to massage salons, you can even save money in the longer term. Plus, you will also have the luxury of enjoying a massage whenever you want!

After just 20 minutes of sitting in an Osaki massage chair you will feel its positive effects: you will be fully relaxed and refreshed, and back pain and stress will evaporate. Massage will stimulate the circulation, improve sleep quality and release the tension in muscles. Your whole body and mind will be revived.

Exploit all the benefits of the massage any time you want in the comfort of your home!