• The feeling of weightlessness in the comfort of the Sanyo FX2 Relaxation chair

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Experience the relaxing effects

of Zero Gravity in your own living room!

Take a seat in the Relaxation chair and experience the power of Zero Gravity while relaxing the body and the mind!

Beside relaxation, you also will take advantage of the massage provided by the incorporated air bags.

Choose from among the range of different colours to find the most suitable to match the style of your home!

Sanyo FX2 Zero Gravity chair
Zero Gravity chair standard position

What is Zero Gravity?

In the Zero Gravity position, the relaxation chair is adjusted to a 30-degree angle to balance your body weight evenly. The technology was inspired by NASA, where astronauts sit in this position during lift-off to ensure their bodies are protected from the stress of the changing gravity. The Sanyo FX2 Zero Gravity chair simulates that feeling of weightlessness.
Sitting or standing for 8 hours a day during work can be a strain on the body. The Zero Gravity position will reduce the pressure being placed on the spine, loosen up tightened muscles and stimulate circulation. You will enjoy the experience of full relaxation.
Thanks to the remote-controlled seat you can choose Zero Gravity position simply by pushing one button.

Why choose the Sanyo FX2 Zero Gravity chair?

Zero Gravity positionAir massageStretching and relaxing programmes
Built-in control panelComfortable LegrestAdjustable Headrest

Lay down and relax in body and mind!

The Zero Gravity chair is designed with 8 built-in airbags, inflating and deflating in predetermined sequences. This mechanism results in a pleasant, intense massage for your entire body. You can also choose the stretching programme which will reduce pain in your waist and back.

You can choose between two different massage programmes:

  • Stretching programme

  • Relaxing programme

The stretching programme relieves tension in muscles and stretches the back. The relaxing programme offers a gentle massage which improves blood circulation and stretches the whole body. Through the beneficial effects of the two programmes, your body can regain its balance as the chair releases your tension and loosens up your muscles.

The adjustable headrest gives you the opportunity to read a book or watch television during the relaxation.

Discover the genuine relaxation experience provided by the Sanyo FX2 Zero Gravity chair!

Sanyo FX2 - Zero Gravity chair - colours

Modern, elegant design

Sanyo engineers paid particular attention to the creation of a visually light and clean design. Therefore, Sanyo FX2 Zero Gravity chair has an elegant leather cover, which you can choose in black, creme or brown.

Technical background

Electric reclining backrestYes
Airbags8 pieces
Dimensions – upright position (H x W x D) (cm)95 x 75 x 105 cm
Dimensions – Reclined Position (H x W x D) (cm)170 x 75 cm x 75 cm
Net Weight65 kg
Built-in airmassageYes
Waist massageYes
Zero Gravity PositionYes
Relaxing programmeYes
Stretching programmeYes
Mains supply230 V
Sanyo FX2 - relaxation chair

Order the Sanyo FX2 relaxation chair!

550.000 HUF