• Inada Sogno Massage chair

About Family Inada

Family Inada was established almost 60 years ago with the aim of making the ancient, Japanese medical tradition accessible to everyone by designing massage chairs. The first Inada massage chair was created in 1962, and it has been followed by many others. Products of Family Inada are found in many countries, including Germany, the USA and Southeast Asia.

Inada Sogno Massage chair – The new dimension of Japanese technology

Why choose Inada Sogno?

Shiatsu Pull-Kneading Air SystemInada Dreamwave functionAir massage and roller massage
Compact designEasy to handleGraphite grey and beige colors
Extra Healthcare ProgrammesHip Stretching FunctionYouth Programme
Inada Sogno massage chair - balck

Sitting in the Inada massage chair you will enjoy the full experience as if you were really visiting a massage salon. The high-quality air massage technology will comfort you from head to toe, just like the real hands of a masseuse.


The massage rollers will guarantee the comfort of your shoulders, back and waist area. The rollers even reach your lower back area to stimulate it, in addition to an air bag massage.


Not only is the Inada massage chair recommended for people over 14, and so offers the opportunity for adults and the elderly to relax, but teenagers and young people can also take advantage of the specially developed low-intensity programme for students.

Extra functions to provide the perfect massage experience

Dreamwave functions - Inada Sogno

Inada Dreamwave – The calming effects of swinging

The unique Dreamwave function, where the airbags provide a left to right swinging motion, opens a new dimension to relaxation and offers a special experience which will release the muscles of the back and waist area.

Sleek lines and a compact, modern design

The design of Inada massage chairs has become more and more exclusive and compact over the years which is perfectly enveloped in the Inada Sogno. This massage chair provides an elegant accessory to your home or office. You can even choose between graphite grey or beige to best suit your room.

Inada Sogno - design

Stretching the entire body

The Inada Sogno massage chair stretches your entire body: the back of the seat moves and stretches the upper body whilst airbags placed under the thighs and waist moves in an opposite direction to stretch your lower body. This mechanism can gentle loosen up tightened muscles.

Inada Sogno - full-body massage

Full-body massage

The Inada Sogno massage chair is also capable of massaging the whole body from your neck to your toes. It can be a Shiatsu, roller massage or air massage.

Technical background


Inada Sogno - sizes
Chair Weight (kg)115 kg (Main unit: 97 kg, footrest: 18 kg)
Rated Voltage220-230 V
ColoursGrey Slate, Beige
Hand and Arm MassageYes
Hip and Waist MassageYes
Pelvis and Buttocks MassageYes
AccessoriesShiatsu pads for shoulders, Buffer pad, Smartphone pocket

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1.999.000 HUF