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Customizable experience

Thanks to the body scanning function, the back rollers can completely adapt to the spine. By variating the manual settings, 108 different massage combinations can be chosen. Whether you prefer a gentle or an intense massage, you will find the best solution to suit your needs!

Would you like to try it?

Discover the unique experience that the 6 automatic programmes of the Panasonic Hot Stone massage chair will give you!


    Refreshing and rejuvenating massage programme that perfectly revitalizes your body.


    Choose this programme to release tension from your stiff muscles!


    This programme imitates the movements of a shiatsu massage therapist to eliminate pain from your muscles with a deep, dynamic massage.


    The programme alternates between a relaxing and a stimulating massage to ensure the perfect comfort is delivered to your neck and shoulders.


    The best function to revitalize your lower back after a long day of sitting at work. Enjoy the comfort of this massage which focusses on the middle and lower part of your back!


    The Hip massage focuses on the pelvis and core areas and helps ease tension in your muscles using air massage.

Massaging the tired arms and legs

Panasonic massage chairs not only offers rest and relaxation for your body, but also for your arms and legs.
By putting your legs into the preformed leg space, you can enjoy the benefits of reflex therapy and shiatsu massage. At the same time, the tension in your calves can be stretched and released through the help of air massage. The two-layered air massage system provides an intense massage and also a gentle stretch to loosen up the muscles.
There is also a preformed arm space where your arms and shoulders can be rested. Tight shoulders can be stretched and massaged to release the tension. Your arms and hands can also be revitalized by the special arm massage function.

Take the experience of hot stone massage home with you with a Panasonic Hot Stone massage chair!

Technical background

ControllerVocal Command
ETL ApprovalYes
ColoursBlack, Beige (ivory)
Dimensions – upright position (H x W x D) (cm)Approx. 115 x 95 x 122
Dimensions – Reclined Position (H x W x D) (cm)Approx. 66 x 95 x 202
Package Weight (kg)99 kg
Net Weight (kg)87 kg
Maximum User Weight (kg)120 kg
Rated Power for Heating23 W

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