• Panasonic MA58 massage chair

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Discover the way out of stressful days

with the Panasonic MA58 massage chair!

Are you often feeling exhausted because of the stressful of your day where you can’t even fully relax at home? Try out the beneficial effects of a massage – in your own home without the need for an appointment!
Sitting in the Panasonic massage chair will help you reduce stress and relax body and mind!

Panasonic MA58 massage chair - stress sensor

How does the stress sensor work?

The sensor measures the intervals of your pulse fluctuation, as seen in an electrocardiogram. With the help of these fluctuation – which are called CVRR (coefficient of variation of R-R intervals) – stress level can be determined. The lower this value is, the more stressed you are.

For the measuring process, you only need to input your age, then grip the sensor with both hands. The results are given on the screen in a minute. Based on your result, the Panasonic massage chair will automatically choose the programme that is most suitable to your needs.

Why choose a Panasonic massage chair?

Stress sensorStiffness sensorZero Gravity position
Comfort Air programmeStretching massageLeg sliding mechanism
5 Automatic programmesTrapezius muscle massageKneading massage

The ideal position for every function

For air massage

  • Comfort Air programme

    The Comfort Air programme is perfect for relaxing your legs after a long day. For this, the massage chair adjusts upward to 30 degrees and also lift your legs parallel to the floor.

  • Built-in heating function

    The shiatsu points in the leg-rest, and the inflating and deflating airbags, reduce tension in your muscles and also stimulates your calves. The built-in heat function can provide an even more comfortable feeling, which improves blood circulation.

  • LED-sliding mechanism

    The LED-sliding mechanism makes it possible for the massage chair to adapt to your height. This way, your whole family can take advantage of the unique and customizable massage experience.

For relaxation

  • Kneading massage

    For a neutral body position, the seat is adjusted to a 30-degree angle so that your body weight is optimally balanced. Thus, you can enjoy relaxation in the best possible position. The massage chair is designed in a way to ensure your lower back fits perfectly to perform an intense kneading action.

  • Human-like massage

    The back rollers will reduce the tension in your shoulders and trapezius muscles. Thanks to the human-like massage, you will feel as if you had visited a professional massage therapist.

For stretching

  • Perfect tilt

    The Panasonic MA58 massage chair can gentle stretch your whole body. The automatically adjusted angle, can stretch your legs, and, at the same time, the up and down movements can also stretch and massage your back.

Make yourself comfortable in a Panasonic massage chair where you will enjoy ultimate relaxation!

Technical background

Panasonic MA58 massage chair controller
Stress sensorYes
Dimensions – upright position (H x W x D) (cm)137 x 73 x 122 cm
Dimensions – Reclined Position (H x W x D) (cm)194 x 73 x 76 cm
Zero Gravity Position3
Shiatsu massageYes
Relaxing ProgrammeYes
Stretching ProgrammeYes
Weight90 kg
Mains supply220-230 V

Order the Panasonic MA58 massage chair and now you can get discount!

1.599.000 HUF