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Specially designed to reduce back and lower back pain

Those who have a sedentary lifestyle and sit for hours a day in front of a computer or those who face physical stress during work, often suffer from back or lower-back pain. Chronic pain has negative effects on our everyday life and can even lead to serious illness. The relief of pain was the primary aim during the designing process of the Osaki Pro Master full body massage chair.

  • Shoulder massage

    The human-like, shoulder-gripping and kneading technique makes the precise massage of your shoulders possible. With the help of the adjustable headrest, the tension in your neck will be totally released during the massage.

  • Lower back swinging function

    The unique, lower-back swing function also helps to reduce pain. By gently swinging in a left to right direction, it will stretch and distress your lower back. You can also choose to adjust the back of the massage chair to stretch your whole spine and the muscles of your back.

  • 3D technology

    With its 3D smart technology and quiet operation, Pro Master is the most complex chair among the Osaki range. Its rollers can move either up and down, backwards and forwards or even to the side, therefore providing whole-body relaxation.

The negative oxygen ion function makes it even more comfortable and peaceful. With this technology your body and mind can also relax, while you will experience that you mood improves. You also can take the physiological advantages of it.

Try out the Osaki Pro Master full body massage chair and get rid of your back pain!

Relax your feet after a long day!

This full body massage chair also comforts your legs and is fully adjustable, thanks to the automatic length adjustment. Moreover, the innovative telescoping technique allows for the movement of your legs during the massage and will constantly adjust itself to provide maximum comfort. The built-in rollers offer a full-foot massage from your heels to your toes.
You can choose from different functions: air massage, roller massage, reflexology, heat therapy.

Why choose an Osaki Pro Master full body massage chair?

Memory Mode3 Seat positionZero Gravity position
Incorporated Bluetooth Audio SystemAutomatic Body ScanUnique lower back swinging function
Air massage and roller massage functionsHeat therapyAutomatically adjust to feet length

Order the Osaki Pro Master premium massage chair today and enjoy your everydays without back pain!

Technical background

Voice controlYes
Remote pockedYes
Timers5/10/15/20/25/30 minutes
Upright size160 x 82 x 127 cm
Reclined size190 x 82 x 92 cm
Előre csúsztatás30 cm
Net weight159 kg
Shoulder airbagsYes
Back airbagsYes
Waist airbagsYes
Seat airbagsYes
Arm airbagsYes
Calf airbagsYes
Foot massageYes

Order the Osaki Pro Master massage chair!

1.399.000 HUF