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The air massage function works with 28 built-in air bags that inflate and deflate simultaneously or independently. This movement creates an intense massage that also stretches your muscles and releases tension. There are airbags in the leg-rests and armrests too, thus you can enjoy the beneficial effect of the air massage through your entire body.

The automatic body scanning function chooses the ideal massage technique and style for your needs, so you don’t even need to spend time changing settings. You only need to sit into the massage armchair and relax.

Try out the Negative oxygen ion function

You can make your massage experience even more comfortable with the negative oxygen ion function which is available by pushing just one button on the armrest. This innovative technology emits negative oxygen ions that neutralize the harmful particles in the air. With this technology, you will be surrounded by fresh air as if in a forest or by a waterfall.
Negative ions have numerous beneficial effects which you will enjoy during the massage. It helps to relax your body and mind, improve your mood, lower blood pressure and increase your resistance to inflammation. You have to try this unique experience.

Why choose the Osaki TP-9000 massage armchair?

Magnet TherapyGua Sha ReflexologyZero Gravity position
Bluetooth Audio SystemUSB PortBack width adjustment
Timer Heat therapyLED Chromotherapy
Osaki massage chair - backrest

Take the massage experience to a higher level!

Osaki TP-9000 massage armchairs have further comfort functions that will provide the feeling of luxury.

  • Chromotherapy

    Chromotherapy is also available with this massage armchair. You can choose LED colour therapy by simply pushing the button in the armrest. In a dark room the LED lights create a light blue colour on the walls which provides a more pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

  • Bluetooth Smart

    Through the built-in Audio System, you can enjoy your favourite music during the massage programme. Simply connect your phone or tablet through Bluetooth – so you don’t even need wires.

  • Space-saving design

    Because of the space-saving design, don’t have to worry about where to put the massage armchair. You only need to leave 5 cm from the wall.

Technical background

Space-saving design

You only need to leave 5 cm between the wall and the Osaki TP-9000 massage chair.

Osaki TP9000 sizes

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