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Customizable massage experience for the whole family

Thanks to the intelligent body scanning technology, this Osaki massage chair gets accurate information about your height and weight and can also identify the acupressure points in your body. Therefore, a perfectly customizable massage experience is waiting for you.

With its 135 cm long „L”-shaped massage track, the TP-8600 offers you one of the most profound massage experiences in the industry. The „L”-shape makes it possible to effectively massage your entire body from your neck and shoulders to your buttocks and thighs.

The 6 automatic programmes give you the opportunity to choose the most comfortable massage you may need, from a deep massage to a gentle stretch.

Feel the relaxation in your body and mind with the Osaki TP-8600 massage chair!

Get to know the 6 different massage programmes!

  • Relaxing Massage

    Short, but efficient massage programme that only takes 15 minutes. Choose this to refresh your whole body and stimulate all exhausted body parts.

  • Neck Massage

    Do you suffer from the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle? Then you will love this function! Enjoy the comforting massage to your neck and shoulders!

  • Waist Massage

    A deep massage function that specifically targets the muscles in your waist and stimulates the waist area. This programme relieves pain after a long day of sitting.

  • Whole Body Massage

    If you have more free time then you definitely should try the whole-body massage programme that will rejuvenate your soul as well as your body.

  • Comfort Function

    A lower intensity programme which is designed for elderly people or children. This programme makes it possible for your entire family to take full advantage of the Osaki Pro massage chair.

  • Stretching Function

    Discover the positive effects of stretching after training, or after work or just to help those sore muscles. The stretching function will release tension within your body.

Relax your feet and feel the maximum comfort!

The multi-layered airbags and the incorporated magnets, take care of your legs comfort. Take a seat in the Osaki massage chair and allow it to relax you! The leg-rest can extend up to maximum 15 cm in length, thus your whole family can enjoy fully relaxation.

  • Airbags

The built-in airbags give your calves and ankles a precise, three-dimensional massage experience. You can also enjoy the benefits of magnetic therapy with the help of the 8 magnets placed inside the leg-rest. These magnets massage your feet by stimulating the acupressure points in them.

Osaki massage chair - Leg rest with massage capability
  • GuaSha massage

For a deeper massage, you can choose the Gua Sha massage setting. The roller massage focusses on the Yongquan points of your feet and imitates the movement of a professional massage therapist. By using the remote control, you can regulate the intensity of the massage from gentle and soft movements up to a more vigorous experience.

Why choose Osaki TP-8600 massage chair?

Multi-layer airbagsGua Sha ReflexologyZero Gravity position
LED chromotherapyHeat therapySpace-saving Design
6 Automatic programmesIntelligent Body Scanning3 Memory mode

Find yourself on the island of relaxation

while sitting in the Osaki massage chair!

Zero Gravity position

This massage chair will be your favourite place to rest within your home. Lying in the Zero Gravity position will relax you in minutes and relieve your daily stress. The feeling of weightlessness will improve the quality of your sleep.

  • Chromotherapy

By pushing the button in the arm rest, you can enjoy chromotherapy which creates a light blue colour on the walls to provide a truly relaxing atmosphere.

  • Space-saving design

Thanks to the innovative space-saving design, the Osaki TP-8600 doesn’t need much space even during operation. You only need to leave 5 cm from the wall.

Order an Osaki massage chair and experience relaxation in your body and mind!

Technical background

Remote controlYes
Remote control pocketYes
Electric reclining backrestYes
Buttocks massageYes
Buttocks airbagsYes, 8 leg and buttock
Footrest with massageElectric, extensible
Full back massageYes
Calf airbagsYes
Reflex therapyYes
Mains supply220-230 V
Air pumps2
UpholsteryAntibacterial eco-leather
Chair weight (kg)97 kg

Order the Osaki TP-8600 massage chair!

749.000 HUF